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New Hampshire School Counselor Association

Taking Evolutionary Approach to Wellness

  • 21 Mar 2014
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • UNH Professional Development & Training in Manchester 88 Commercial St Manchester, NH 03101

Cost: $149, Lunch Included. Register at

n the field of education, in order to be effective and to persist, it is critical that we take care of ourselves. This workshop will approach self-care from the vantage point of about 3,000,000 years of evolution as a bipedal ape and about 200,000 years as a modern human. During that time the conditions in which we lived (foods we ate, type of movements we made, stress we were exposed to, etc.) shaped our genome. While the world has changed greatly in the last 10,000 years due to cultural evolution, our genome, based on biological evolution, has changed very little. We will discuss a basic wellness strategy that helped produce such a vibrant and healthy species. We will also come to a greater understanding of why we now are becoming more unhealthy in this country, and discuss how we can redirect this path in ourselves and our students to a more healthy outcome.


Mike Hague

Mike Hague, M.A., has been involved with teaching, counseling and working with youth/students for over 25 years. He has held leadership positions in professional organizations, worked as a state trainer and has been a long time Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Recently retired from Bedford, NH school district where he counseled high-risk students, he coordinates and develops community programs for drug prevention; and presents trainings on adolescent issues for school districts, community organizations, mental health agencies and colleges.


New Hampshire School Counselor Association

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