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New Hampshire School Counselor Association

Consortium of Vermont Colleges Guidance Counselor Bus Tour

  • 17 Apr 2011
  • 21 Apr 2011
  • Vermont

Join the The Consortium of Vermont Colleges for the “Granddaddy” of Bus Tours as we explore eighteen colleges in six days. As we traverse the state you will have the opportunity to see the different personalities of Vermont. We’ll travel from bucolic rural areas to the golden domed state house in the capital city to the distinctive pedestrian walkway of Church Street Marketplace in Vermont’s most populous city. The eighteen institutions you will visit are as diverse as the landscapeundefinedthey offer virtually every option for higher education.

You will spend time on each campus meeting faculty, staff, and students, and learning about each school’s unique programs and attributes. Each day is brimming with college tours, tasty meals, and hospitality as you travel across Vermont via a Vermont Transit Charter with 40 other counselors and your four hosts from participating institutions.

The Consortium of Vermont Colleges provides housing and most meals and transportation. For more info vist:


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