NHSCA Board Meeting

September 19, 2011 4:00 – 7:30

NHTI Conference Room Grappone Hall 217

Meeting Minutes


Members in Attendance: Holly Vieten, Robin Hogan, Lynn Merlone, Kathy Hoppa, Susan Theberge, Mitch Taranow, Charles Landell, Celia Salson, Beth Harrington, Stephanie Collins, Kim Lavoie


Call to Order



Approval of agenda

Roster for School and SAU addresses; Names of Principal and Superintendent


State Leader’s Meeting in Pennsylvania

     Discussion around whether we should send board members to attend this conference.

     We have $500 in our budget for this meeting.

     Further details are in handout.

     Speak with Lynn if you are interested in attending


Secretary’s Report

Approval of August Board meeting minutes

Motion: Robin Second: Holly Approved


Treasurer’s Report

     Review of last years expenses for LDI and the spring conference: need to be within budget

     Discussion of grant money for organization

     Questions about revenue

     Taxes done

     Audit done last in 2007 by Mallone, Dirubbo & Co., PC/ Finance committee will get together regarding this issue after the fall conference

Motion: Mitch Second: Sean Approved


Review and Update NHSCA Board Policies

Break for dinner


Conference Update and short items for review 

     Maine would like to do a Conference Swap—two representatives from Maine attend our conference for free and vice versa (Nov 3 and 4) Willing to extend an invitation to Maine but if 2 of our board members want to attend Maine conference they will need to pay for room and transportation info in website

     Giveaways – old editions of ASCA Model  will be on a table at the fall conference


Resumed work on Board Policies



     Board discussed finishing Board Policies one section at a time at each meeting.

     Members are required to review the section before attending the meeting.

     As a board we discussed Email versus SCENE and decided to send reports via email like the past.