NHSCA Board Meeting

The Common Man

May 15, 2009


Meeting Minutes


Present: Donna Therrien, Jackie Creed, Annette Blake, Kim Lavoie, Lynn Merlone, Beth Harrington, Kathryn Sheridan, Rebecca Shaeffer, Charles Langille, Mitch Taranow, Kim Seaman, Esther Asbell, Holly Vieten


Meeting was called to order at  4:35 pm


¯Note all submitted reports are at the end of the minutes in order listed on agenda.¯




Approval of Agenda- Agenda was approved as written.


Secretary’s Report, Kim Seaman: Kathryn moved to accept the minutes as written, Mitch seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report, Jackie Creed: Motioned by Rebecca to accept as written, Esther seconded. Motion was approved.

Mitch motioned to accept next years budget, Esther seconded. Motion was passed.


President’s Report, Kim Lavoie:


Positions for next year: Lisa Labella agreed to be the secretary.We still need a middle school VP, President Elect, and Seacoast Regional Chair. Given that a lot of people are leaving the board, it was suggested that we try and have meeting during the day. This poses a problem for some people as well. There was a suggestion that the meetings rotate, maybe a morning meeting an, afternoon meeting, and 2 evening meetings, to see if this change would make a difference in attendance and people’s commitment. One hope is that with technology and people submitting their reports, it will make the meetings more efficient.

How do we groom new and upcoming leaders? Do we send board members to the ASCA National conference to inspire and groom?

Finding leadership is a challenge nation wide. In the past a successful recruiting tool has been to  “bring a friend.” Do we piggy back on a conference, either before or after a conference? “Breakfast with the board”  - have a brief meeting before to conference to have people see what a board meeting is like. If we do have new people, it is important to have follow through

Do we add something to the Summer Institute to recruit? Do we make a presentation to share?

One thought was that board meetings could also be seen as supervision, as we consult on a variety of issues, which could fall under that umbrella. In addition the language of “common planning time”: which counselors do not have Esther will work with Kim to add this point to her letter to principals.

A regional LDI was an idea, but because of the travel distance this would be a monumental feat.

This is a societal issue, as we are all over worked and people are already stretched.



Elementary VP Report, Donna Therrien:

·        Donna passed the binder off to Lynn for next year. Nothing else to report.


Middle School VP Report, Annette Blake:


High School VP Report, Rebecca Schaefer: See report


Post Secondary VP Report, Susan Theberge: See report


Regional Chair Updates:


Committee Chair Updates:

$1500 for start and $1500 at completion to Omni Source IT. Paypal is not implemented yet. Mitch has it ready to go. That would be Kathryn’s only concern for the completion.

Beth talked about how they met as part of a chat. It was suggested that committees do more work via on’line chatting


Immediate Need: We have no fall conference Chair at this time. We have some subjects and

Annette suggested Lynn Lyons, childhood anxiety. Esther mentioned that there was a Red Cross presenter who was very good. Another idea was grieving. Marty Strauss, no talk therapy, from Keene is another possibility, she works with kids grade K-12. Having a panel at the end. Annette will contact Lynn Lyons to see if she would be interested.

Lynn volunteered to be the Fall Conference Chair. Annette and Charles will help.


We need to look at having the Fall Conference do more than break even do we look at sponsors? This is part of a larger conversation.


Kathryn reviewed the agenda for the Summer Institute


Plans for next year:

q       Number of counselors awarded for next year will need to be revisited next year. If UNH doesn’t sponsor the HS, we may need to consider having only 1.

q       Put first newsletter on the website for all to see to encourage membership

q       Really looking at the new region layout to decide if we make the new change and how we would name them.

q       Bylaws in an ad hoc committee, so next year it will need to be formed, as they need to be updated in Sept of 2010. A lot of this committee can be done via email.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:48 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Kim Seaman

NHSCA Secretary



Secondary Vice President Report -2008-2009


As Secondary VP there are few if any identified responsibilities.  I believe attending meetings, writing articles for the newsletter and generally assisting the board in any way possible to be the contributions necessary from this board position.


This year I:


I hope the next Secondary VP will find even more ways to support the board and enhance the profile of this wonderful organization.



Respectfully Submitted,

Rebecca Schaefer
Year End Summary from Susan Theberge in VP Post Secondary role


Ø      Working on Summer Institute Planning Committee

Ø      Worked with Lynn Merlone to organize Fall Southwest Regional NHSCA Meeting held at Keene State College (presentation by Mindfulness Research Group)

Ø      Set up graduate credit through KSC Continuing Ed for Fall Conference and Summer Institute

Ø      Set up three new continuing education opportunities in the form of weekend one credit courses for school counselors and graduate students (Grief and Loss with Penelope Simpson, Life Space Crisis Intervention with Garry Gleckel and Drug/Alcohol Education Intervention for school counselors with Dr. Margaret Smith.

Ø      Worked with Tenielle Nicholson, who contacted other accredited colleges with accredited school counselor programs regarding courses available.  We now have a system to do this and the capacity to include this on our new web page.

Ø      Worked with Tenielle Nicholson who researched Psychological First Aide trainings available statewide and presented her findings at a NHSCA meeting.



Technology Committee Report

Submitted by Mitch Taranow


We are pleased to report that the new NSCA website is up and running. The website provides many capabilities including the ability to join and renew memberships, register for conferences, and pay with a credit card online. All transactions are managed through NHSCA’s new online web-driven database. The site also features a members-only area with the same tools found in ASCA Scene. These tools give you the ability to communicate directly with other members, join group discussions, blog, upload and download files, post professional and personal profiles, use specialized calendars and listservs, and much more. If you are a member of NHSCA, you will receive an invitation shortly to subscribe to our members only area. We urge you to subscribe and explore options the site offers. NHSCA has always been a member-driven organization ‑ options for communicating and disseminating information are only limited by members’ imaginations.

Now that the site is up, the Technology Committee is looking for creative people who want to help find new uses for it. We plan to meet once a month to review requests for features and brainstorm how best to serve the members. The committee will be working closely with the Public Relations Committee to ensure the site effectively conveys NHSCA’s message to as many stakeholders as possible.

Our new site gives us a myriad of ways to better fulfill our mission to: “ actively promote standards of excellence in professional school counseling by advocating for the role and programs of professional school counselors, providing meaningful professional growth and development opportunities for NH school counselors, and giving energetic, resourceful and dedicated leadership in developing services and programs for its members.” We are looking forward to seeing how you put the site to work!


NHSCA Public Relations Committee Report

May 15, 2009


Accomplishments for 2008-2009:


Ø      Stress balls with the NHSCA logo were ordered and given out at the 2008 Fall Conference.  Kim Lavoie also brought some to APPI and given out at the Capital Hill visits.  Annette has many more that can be given out at the 2009 Fall Conference.

Ø      Updated the membership form and created a “cover letter”. Also made a specific version for graduate students explaining NHSCA that was given out at KSC and PSU.  Hopefully the upcoming “membership drive” will reflect the changes and be consistent with the form offered on the website.

Ø      Newspaper ads commemorating School Counseling Week (February 2-6, 2009) were placed in many NH newspapers [Keene Sentinel, North Conway News, Berlin Daily News, Laconia Daily Sun, Fosters Daily Democrat (Seacoast area), Citizen (Lakes Region), Union Leader (Manchester), and Concord Monitor]

Ø      Information about the 2009 Summer Institute was promoted with school administrators though an email listserv with the help of NHSCA’s Administrator Liaison, Esther Asbell.


If anyone has any suggestions for the Public Relations Committee, please let Annette Belanger know (abelanger@shaker.k12.nh.us).


See you “next year,”



Annette Belanger

PR Chair



NHSCA Membership Committee Report


As of May 10, 2009 we have 480 paid memberships.  This number is up from 452 in 2007-2008.  The number continues to represent well over half of all the counselors in our state as dues-paying members. 


The breakdown includes 30 graduate students and 6 counselors who have senior status.  According to Mary Anne Seney, we have had $20,950 in membership income.


These amounts do not account for income fueled by the 2009-2010 membership drive of which there are four members who have already paid.


Respectfully submitted,


Kathryn J. Sheridan

Membership Chair

Newsletter Liaison



Year End Summary from Susan Theberge in Research Chair role


Worked with Mindfulness Research Group to:

Ø      Offer three presentations, two at KSC and one at the North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors

Ø      Conduct second round of research with revised curriculum and research protocol

Ø      Begin process of writing articles with plans for more writing this summer utilizing data from second round of research.



NHSCA Professional Development Committee Report                                     2008-2009


The Professional Development Committee was formed in October and several goals were identified during the NHSCA October Board meeting:



Ø      To have workshops listed on the website in a calendar format: has begun but we need to determine who will either be the funneling point for the info to the website to keep it current.


Ø      Develop a topic blog for support per grade level: Fall 2009


Ø      Develop lesson plan shares on the website – free downloads: Fall 2009


Ø      List state wide workshops that are offered to counselors on the website


Ø      Incorporate podcasts of regional events/NHSCA events: ongoing process to be begun next Fall. Possible segments of the Summer Institute to be first podcast?


Ø      Create a 3 year strategic plan: to be continued Fall 2009.



Websites we would like to be listed on the website for general resources:


http://nbcc.org/    National Board for Certified Counselors


http://nbpts.org/          National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


http://www.counseling.org/  American Counseling Association


http://www.schoolcounselor.org/ American School Counselor Association


www.ed.state.nh.us/education/doe  NH Department of Education



Respectfully Submitted,


Beth Harrington (Chair)

Charles Langille  (Conant High School)

Melinda Moran (Newfound Middle School).


Professional Recognition Report:

NHSCA has selected the following School Counselors as our 2008-2009 award recipients:

N.H. Elementary School Counselor of the Year - Fern Seiden, Griffin School, Litchfield
N.H. Middle School Counselor of the Year - Suzette Wilson, Rochester Middle School
N.H. High School Counselor of the Year - Richard Provencher, Manchester Memorial High School

The Elementary & Middle School presentations went very well at the home schools of each recipient.  The High School award presentation at Memorial H.S. is on June 18th at 8:00a.m.  If you are interested in attending, please let me know.

The "ED"ies banquet  will be held on Saturday, June 13th at the Radisson Hotel on Elm Street in Manchester.  The event begins at 3:30, with the award ceremony starting at 4:30p.m.   NHSCA has purchased a table for 10.  I currently have several vacant seats if anyone from the board would like to attend the event.  Suzette Wilson, the Middle School recipient will be sitting at our table.

At a previous NHSCA board meeting, we had discussed the various Professional Recognition selection criteria.  A few board members had offered to meet with me to discuss and review the criteria in which I inherited some time ago.  I can't recall who had volunteered (except I believe Kathryn & Susan had offered).  I would like to come together this summer to review this information prior to my posting the nomination packets on our website in September.  If you are interested, please let me know.

Many thanks,