NHSCA Board Meeting

Department of Education

March 18, 2009


Meeting Minutes


Present: Annette Belanger, Donna Therrien, Jackie Creed, Marianne Gfroerer, Kim Lavoie, Lynn Merlone, Susan Antico, Melinda Moran, Beth Harrington, Kathryn Sheridan, Rebecca Shaeffer, Charles Langille, Paul Leather, Mitch Taranow


Meeting was called to order at 4:27pm




Updates from the Dept. of Education, Marianne Gfroerer & Paul Leather:  Marianne spoke about Extended Learning Opportunities—affects middle & high school, she passed out flyer.  ELO’s allows schools to establish programs for students to earn credits outside classroom.  Communication is the key and awarding credit can only be done if a certified school personnel oversees the process and assures that students makes competencies.  Newfound High School did pilot some ELO’s and found some barriers/challenges, etc. but has worked them out.  Nute is also currently piloting some ELO’s.  Kathryn asked about ELO’s she asked if school boards have to come up with policies…Marianne said yes, to determine if they are allowed in general, but procedures are made at school level.  How many credits, transportation and who’s responsible are all things to think about.  Kim talked about the communication piece being important, Marianne has more resources from the piloted schools.  Dept of Labor would give ‘Sight Safety’ approval. 


Paul talked about competency based instruction is to make schools more ‘portable’ to extend learning.  Making education relevant to settings outside of school and using competencies for more personalized learning at the high school level.  He stated that there is a conference this summer July 21st & 22nd  with Larry Rosenstauch, High tech high in San Diego.  Paul suggested that we look at High Tech High as a model school.  Paul shared that a memo for superintendents & principals recently went out that talks about the dropout issues.  A few high schools will be identified as not making AYP.  There is also a current  0 dropout rate governors goal by 2010.  He reminded us that as of  July 1st 2009  the SB bill starts and we should try to recapture all students who dropped out and are not yet 18 as of 7/1/209.  Individual cases such as GED completers, private schools, home schooled will be considered.  Early high school exiters will be counted as a dropout in separate line.  We discussed stimulus $, title 1, technology $ title 2 d, sped, workforce investment, dropout prevention and vocational education.  Title 1 is single largest grant for education….more $, also with SPED. 1.6 million, now 2.6 million for workforce investment….above and beyond $ esp. for guidance dept’s to start programs for kids for dropout prevention.  Paul stressed the future integration of more personalized education.   April 10th, is governors 2nd summit on graduation.  NH has signed on to be one of the states for ‘tough choices in tough times’. Restructures schools’ monies, early exit to college program; examination systems are being looked at.  Common assessments for completion to enter college may take place of NECAP eventually.  Early exit comprehensive board examination, methods to have early enrollment in college.  The possibility of kids graduating by their junior year based on exit exams.  Paul stated that other states are already doing early college.    School environment does need to be adjusted and strong guidance is needed if this transition takes place.  Schools are lining up to be pilots for this…they get lots of money.    Check out NCEE.org for tough choices and tough times information.


Secretary’s Report, Kim Seaman:

Change on minutes was discussed about approval for Kim to go for ASCA level position, to amend meeting minutes.  Email didn’t give quorum.  Now we do.  Kim stepped out for us to discuss.  Esther motioned to endorse Kim’s representation.  Rebecca seconded.  Motion to accept minutes by Mitch, Kathryn seconded.  Minutes were accepted and amendment made. 


Treasurer’s Report, Jackie Creed:

Audit was discussed.  Finance committee will need to approve this.  2,000 moved down for webmaster.  Spring & summer institute was combined.  Postage was discussed.  Kathryn motioned to pass the treasurer’s report, Esther  seconded, was accepted.


President’s Report, Kim Lavoie:


President Elect’s Report, Kathryn Sheridan:



Nothing to report


Middle School VP Report, Annette Blake:


High School VP Report, Rebecca Schaefer:


Post Secondary VP Report, Susan Theberge:


Regional Chair Updates:


Committee Chair Updates:

·                    Advocacy: see APPI; still in discussion is DCYF’s involvement in schools process with students involved in court.  Focus still being a voice at the state. 


The Changing of Regions:  Charles updated region list and asked if we want to overlap areas.  Kim would like us all to double check the new breakdown & revisit at last meeting in May.  Regional chairs should help with this process.


New Business:  Kathryn looked for any policies we changed in the past 2 years in the notes and tabbed them, gave binder to Kim, and we need to send policy/procedure changes to ASCA. 


Next Meeting agenda items:  May 15th at the Common Man-4pm brief meeting to layout what we want new president to do, change of regions, agenda for summer meeting, what we haven’t accomplished that we said we would, if not, why; new strategic plan, eddies-who is going?, webmaster update, send any items to be added to Kim to be added on agenda.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:55pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Donna Therrien for

Kim Seaman

NHSCA Secretary